We feel disconnected from the beauty movement that values excess. We want to slow things down and make sustainable beauty essentials that are designed to last.


    Founders Mehdi and Fern worked for several years on some of the largest skincare brands in the world. Over time it became increasingly clear to them that the skincare industry was in the midst of a deep moral and ethical crisis, as animal testing and toxic ingredients increasingly faced resistance and pushback. 

    There must be a better way.
    A new way that looks at sustainable and clean ingredients beyond a fleeting trend du jour.


    We started ANIA with a single-minded ambition, becoming the ‘cleanest skincare brand in existence’. To reach our ambition, we embarked on years of R&D, studying every skincare ingredient in the world, establishing its efficacy and safety. Our list of restricted ingredients combines research and clinical studies from multiple institutions, making it the strictest ‘blacklist’ in the world.

    This is our promise to you, when we say that our products or ingredients are clean, you can take our word for it. And because science keeps moving, we keep our ‘blacklist’ up-to-date and upgrade our formulations accordingly.

    Growing up in Africa

    By the time he was 10, ANIA co-founder Mehdi had already lived in Morocco, Sudan and Egypt — moving with his family every few years as he followed his father's work with the United Nations in Africa. He spent his childhood absorbing and discovering the beauty of Africa’s nature and learnt about traditional remedies that have been used for centuries.

    Little did he know that these would one day lead him to the creation of ANIA. When he moved to Singapore in 2012 the contrast in environments left a great impact on how he viewed the world and solidified his belief to never lose sight of his African roots.


    Co-founder & CEO

    Mehdi is originally from Morocco. Besides developing powerful skincare products, Mehdi's interests include cooking spicy food, martial arts, and travelling the world. 


    Co-founder & General Manager

    Fern is in a constant pursuit of creating a healthier world for herself and others. Her interests include martial arts, enjoying the great outdoors, and spending time with furry members of the family.

    Co-founder & Creative Director

    Shaoyin embodies all things creative. She is curious about good designs and how things are created. Her passion for crafting drives her to create. She enjoys cutting fringes and is on a quest to perfect her sourdough bakes.


    Operations Executive

    Daryl is at the heart of our operations, making sure that the ANIA wheel runs smoothly. Apart from being an operations ninja, his other passions are being a real ninja – Daryl is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Asian Champion and discovering culinary delicacies around the world.