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November 11, 2019

ustom stickers are one of the best tools to give your packaging that extra wow factor. Why? Because they create high brand awareness at a very low cost. For businesses who are new to custom packaging, stickers are a great way to dip your toe in the water.

For those who are still thinking about whether to order custom stickers, here are a few reasons why they are a fantastic investment for your business:

Why do stickers play an important role in packaging design?

Custom stickers by Hello Stella
Stickers Are a Low-cost Addition To Your Packaging

Investing in branded packaging can be off-putting due to concerns about cost. But the decision to order custom stickers won't break the bank! This is because they have a lower MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) than packaging such as custom boxes. In fact, stickers are one of the cheapest ways for businesses to customize their packaging.

When we say 'investment', we are also talking about time. Time is a massively overlooked metric when it comes to packaging. The reason? Many small business owners are doing order fulfillment for themselves. If a packaging design is attractive but time-consuming to assemble, it simply isn't practical.

Custom stickers are an easy way to give your packages a bespoke twist. All you need to do is whip it off the sticker sheet and apply!

Custom sticker sealing gift wrap
Stickers Are a Multi-purpose Packaging Solution

Custom stickers are one of the most versatile packaging solutions available. You can put them to use in a variety of different ways, such as:

Sealing the edges of gift wrap or gift bags, to prevent items from falling out.
Securing notes to the outside of packages.
Decorating plain external packaging e.g. boxes or mailers.
A branded gift with purchase for your customers.

Custom stickers by Sheyda Design
Stickers Provide a Great Focal Point In Your Design

The 'focal point' is the place in your packaging design where the eye is drawn to. This makes it the most effective place on your packaging to put important brand information, like company names and logos.

Stickers create a fantastic focal point on packaging. This is especially important if you plan on posting images of your packaging on social media. A prominent custom sticker with brand details is a low-cost way to develop brand recognition across channels!

How can I create unique and well-designed custom stickers?

1. Think About Contrast

Using one color palette for your packaging design creates a very cohesive image. But choosing a contrasting shade for your custom stickers is a great disruptor. It helps to draw the eye to important brand information more quickly. This is very important, especially when 7 in 10 consumer agree that product packaging influences their purchasing decisions!

Custom stickers by Shore Society
Nautical brand Store Society use black as the base color for their branded sticker design. It really makes it stand out against the blue of their custom tissue paper!

2. Consider Some Eye-catching Metallics

Gold custom sticker by Quinn the Fox
A striking gold custom sticker by Quinn the Fox

Choosing a gold or silver background for your custom stickers will really make them pop! The high gloss of metallic stickers gives your brand a luxury feel, especially if you have a more minimalist packaging design.

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